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Coming from a Greek background, you can say that we definitely love our food. But cooking? That’s where we find joy. As generations passed, Greek recipes were handed down the family tree, and my mother passed on her knowledge and passion for cooking to me. We’re not all fortunate enough to call upon a Greek Yi Yia (grandmother) to provide us with scrumptious handmade Greek recipes. But that’s where I come in, and Anastasia’s Kouzina (Greek for kitchen) was born.

From freshly baked Greek semolina (samali) cakes, to mouth-watering kourabiedes (Greek biscuits) and the pleasant creamy flavours of Rizogalo (rice pudding with mastiha), you can experience old school Greek recipes without having to leave Australia. Better yet, add a little bit of Greece into your own recipes with my Extra Virgin Olive Oil from my olive farm in Greece!

As the world spins ever faster on its axis, it’s reassuring to know that old family traditions are still being kept alive. I’ve taken it upon myself to carry the banner for my generation, and those to come, in order to bring you authentic, handmade Greek recipes from my gourmet Greek kitchen.

Καλή Όρεξη (Kali Oreksi – Enjoy!)
Anastasia Galanis

Anastasia's Kouzina - Greek Sweets - Anastasia Galanis

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
– George Bernard Shaw